The moon (stacked)

A lot of people talked about stacking images of the moon to get a much better detailed image. So I took 100 photos of the moon and stacked them with Registax.
The result is pretty impressive, isn’t it?

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Sliver of the Moon

Supermoon above Heilbronn

Hello Halfmoon

Almost fullmoon with a telescope

The moon shot with an Omegon AC 90/1000 EQ-2 telescope with 1000mm focal length and f11 on the 21st January 2016.

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Blood Moon – Total Lunar Eclipse over Heilbronn

A Total Lunar Eclipse, an Eclipse of a Super Full Moon, is very rare. Only 5 times in the 1900s, a total lunar eclipse occured. The next Total Lunar Eclipse will happen on the 8th October, 2033. Despite Rumors, the World has not ended

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Moon over Heilbronn