Äkäskero Sled Dog

In January 2024, my sister invited me to join her for a one week trip to Finland. We went on a sled dog ride for four days sleeping in woden cabines in the wilderness, enoying norhtern lights at the night. I really loved the trip with my four dogs Baffin, Selma, Inu and Uriah. The whole travel report of our trip to Finland can be found here
My sister Katrin sent me a picture of a fire salamander in Heilbronn at the Waldheide in the morning when they were walking. Since I had some time at noon I was ready to try my luck and I was successful: The first time I have seen a fire salamander in the wild! Normally, fire salamanders are mainly active at the night. During the day, they hide in fallen leaves or under wood. However, on warm, rainy days after a dry period they may be active during the day as well.

Lermoos to Tannheimer Tal

The moon (stacked)

A lot of people talked about stacking images of the moon to get a much better detailed image. So I took 100 photos of the moon and stacked them with Registax. The result is pretty impressive, isn't it?
Heilbronn, in my opinion, is a very underrated region. The nature is so close to the city with all those beautiful vineyards and all those little animal inhabitants. More information on my sisters travel blog

Streetart in Eindhoven



Saalbach Hinterglemm